Facial Plastic Surgeon Inventor of Endopeel and many peelings like Peeling de Luxe International Expert of Complications of Fillers Expert in SEO ( Search Engines Optimization) for Aesthetic Medicine Anti Aging Medicine Cosmetic Dermatology Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
Visits: 16087

Dr. Ivan Yurchenko

Facial plastic surgeon, ENT doctor, endopeel, peeling de luxe Member of International Peelings Society Member of Swiss Academy of Cosmetic Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine
Visits: 2376
Official Teacher of Endopeel Techniques in Turkey and Azerbaijan and North Cyprus
Visits: 1669
cosmetic dermatologist follow ship in saudi arabia member of swiss academy of cosmetic dermatology and aesthetic medicine member of international peelings society
Visits: 1493

Dr. Igor Melnichuk

plastic surgeon, endopeel, peeling de luxe
Visits: 978
Plastic Surgeon in Jordan expert in treatment of hyperchromies with endopeel + radiofrequency Representative of Jordan at International Peelings Society
Visits: 933
Specialised clinic in Endopeel Techniques or scarless immediate face and body lifts and lasers
Visits: 937

Maria Vitale

cosmetic dermatologist Spanish representative of international peelings society
Visits: 887
Cosmetic Dermatologist, Hair Transplant Surgeon
Visits: 862

Dr Perera

Las Palmas de GC,
Lifting Inmediato sin cirugia de cara y cuello Reposicionamiento inmediato sin cirugia de gluteos , brazos Retensado Cutaneo Peelings incluso verano para todo tipo de piel
Visits: 617
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